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Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows Christmas Party 12/2011

All was good this year at our annual Christmas Party. Thanks for all those who attended. Below are some funny stories I found regarding other Christmas functions over the years – Enjoy! LOL


A few years ago in my office party, a rather large mate of mine decided to photocopy his ample backside. It all started well enough, but shortly after pressing the green button, he heard an alarming crack. Before he could get off, the entire glass cover broke trapping him inside the innards of the photocopier. Despite the fact that he had several sharp shards of glass sticking into him, he chuckled quite happily as I called for an ambulance to help prize him out.
James Tandy,

One year we organized a dinner trip on a fancy train - Orient Express style. One woman got so drunk she burst into tears and jumped off the moving train, necessitating 4 of the men to jump off also to "rescue" her. Our boss ended up with his underpants on his head and at work on Monday most of the staff were convinced that they'd been on a plane trip to a nearby island, and didn't remember the train at all! So that means they tried to jump out of an airplane.... Fairly legless!

Went to an Xmas bash run by one of my customers in the Netherlands..... Got a bit "under the weather" wink wink..... Next thing I know, it's the following afternoon, I'm at the Railway Station in Lille, France (next country over by one) and I'm unaccountably dressed as a Chorus Girl (a grim sight!).
John, UK


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